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Simply put, it is our job at Searle Financial Services to do the loan hunting for you.  We not only provide our clients with experience and advice as to which loan product and structure will best suit their situation; we manage the whole process through to settlement and beyond.  Should you have any questions or need advice at any time after settlement we are only a phone call away.  It’s absolutely priceless service at no cost to you.


Loans Services


How much do we need to save? How much can we borrow? What are the costs and hidden surprises? Uncle Fred said this, my boss told me that?

Give us a call, make an appointment and come in for a chat. It's not a hassle, and we don't mind.  

We can answer the big and small questions, and pose to you questions you haven't even considered. We can give you the guidance to ensure that when you eventually make the leap, you can do so with confidence and a full understanding of what you are getting into. 


Existing Home Loan Review

As human beings our needs and wants are rarely to be fully explained by figures on a balance sheet!

And as time goes by our financial needs and desires can change. We can examine your financial position and explain the options open to you; whether that may be using your equity to invest, consolidate debt, or simply to save money by switching to a more competitive loan product.  And as with all our services to our clients, it’s cost free.


Available Loan Products

Basic Loan
  • Don’t need “bells and whistles”, a basic loan could be right for you. 

  • Lower interest rates 

  • Lower ongoing fees 

  • Minimal features

  • Less flexibility


Fixed Loan
  • Worried about rising rates, then a fixed rate home loan may be the answer.

  • Monthly repayments remain the same 

  • Interest rate fixed

  • Some lenders charge hefty exit fees 

  • Less flexible features 

  • Limited repayment and redraw options 


Low Doc Loan
Standard Variable Loan
  • A standard home loan offers a mix of features, flexibility, interest rates and fees.

  • Repayment flexibility 

  • Redraw facility 

  • Split loan feature 

  • Portability 

  • Higher interest rates 


Split Loan
  • Have a portion of your loan on a variable rate and the other portion on a fixed interest rate.

  • Take advantage of different features each loan has to offer 

  • Create your own customised loan package 

  • Split your loan to suit you. Most borrowers choose 50 per cent fixed and 50 per cent variable 

  • Select different repayment options for each split 

  • Use the split loan for investment and home property purposes 


  • Less paperwork and fewer hassles for self-employed people.

  • Less paperwork: requires self-certification instead of traditional proof of income 

  • Streamlined application process 

  • Can only borrow up to 80 per cent of property value 

  • May be eligible for lower interest rate if able to supply tax returns at a later date 

  • Lenders may not lend in high risk areas such as inner city high-rises or large rural allotments 

  • Generally higher interest rates with less features than a traditional loan 

  • May require lender’s mortgage insurance, adding to the cost of loan


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